Using Lean Construction to Shorten Project Schedules and Reduce Risk

by Balfour Beatty
For almost 20 years, General Superintendent Neal Ernest has been leading Balfour Beatty teams to deliver iconic construction projects across the country. From the Gaylord Texan Resort to Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Neal’s recognizable project experience delights thousands of patrons each day. And along the way, he’s learned a thing or two about delivering these high-profile endeavors on time – by building relationships and honing the lean construction process.

“We’re trying to reduce the risks around delivering projects faster,” Neal says, “and I think the only way to get there is through some truly effective lean planning practices.”

In a recent Dodge Data & Analytics SmartMarket Report, Neal shared insight into the evolution of lean construction and its successful application on Balfour Beatty projects across the country. The principle, which aims to increase efficiency while reducing waste, optimizes project success through team collaboration.

So if you’re picturing robots and cutting-edge technology at work to expedite project schedules, think again. Lean construction can be as simple – and as effective – as getting all of the subcontractors in a room and physically planning out the schedule with color-coded post-it notes on the wall. Balfour Beatty, a member of the Lean Construction Institute, continually improves our lean processes to build team trust and ultimately reduce project risks.