Think Holistically, Act Locally

Acting environmentally responsible and making sustainable choices go beyond one-time actions or a list of accreditations. Balfour Beatty thinks holistically about sustainability and the balance of broad impact on the environment, the materials we use and how we use them, and the communities we serve.




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At the core of our values, sustainability means Balfour Beatty will act responsibly to protect and enhance our planet and society. Our teammates have a passion to leave a positive legacy for the people we work with, the communities we work in, and the world in which we operate. We want to enhance our impact on the environment, working with our supply chain partners, clients and communities to ensure our choices are sustainable. That’s a legacy we can all point to with pride!

Beyond Net Zero Carbon Goals

  • Reduction in carbon emissions from direct operations and supply chain
  • Low carbon alternatives offered to clients
  • One tree planted for every employee annually
  • Intentional reduction in business travel
  • Elimination of single-use plastics
  • Electric vehicle fleet
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Zero Waste Generated Goals

  • 25% reductions in waste generated
  • Increase usage of sustainable products and materials
  • Provide clients sustainable material options and alternatives
  • Divert 70% of all jobsite generated waste to recycled facilities
  • Increase prefabrication opportunities
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Generating Social Value Goals

  • Continue our national and local charitable contributions and involvement
  • Continue our significant spend target with SMEs
  • Continue our grass roots employee volunteerism efforts
  • Strengthen 'earn and learn' positions
  • Continue to be a great place to work and generate local employment opportunities
  • Provide local outreach opportunities to improve our industry partnering with local organizations and clients
  • Focus on mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing of our employees
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Sustainability in Action


Building Responsibly and Sustainably