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Allyship with President & CEO Eric Stenman

by Balfour Beatty

At Engineering News-Record’s 2024 Groundbreaking Women in Construction (GWIC) conference this May in San Diego, California, Eric Stenman, president and chief executive officer, addressed a room of more than 750 attendees on how men can be catalysts to advance women in the construction industry.

Moderated by a female executive from Mortenson and joined by other senior male industry leaders, Eric shared examples of ways Balfour Beatty is successfully advocating for greater diversity, equity and inclusion within our business and across the industry.

Learn more about Eric’s insights on allyship, the importance of building diverse teams and the vital role of inclusion to the future of the construction industry:

On Allyship

“Allyship is knowing that your own personal awareness and education is a necessity. You don’t understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes until you spend enough time learning about our differences. If all you think and see is your own experiences, you formulate constructs that are destructive, which doesn’t support being an ally.”

On Building a Diverse Team

“If you want to attract a diverse workforce, you have to have policies in place that recognize the unique life experiences of others and realize that these experiences may be different from your own and what you may be working for.”

On Inclusivity

“This industry is a great industry, but we have work to do. If we have an environment where women believe they are underappreciated or underpaid by their male counterparts, we’re going to see the number of women in our industry decline, and I firmly believe that. This isn’t just the job of one person, it is our job collectively to create greater equity and diversity.”