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Balfour Beatty Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

by Balfour Beatty

Hispanic Heritage Month is a special time from September 15 to October 15 to shine a spotlight on generations of Hispanic Americans making important contributions to our society and world. Across the U.S., we are celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of Americans with ancestry in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Balfour Beatty’s employee affinity group, Somos, which represents employees with Hispanic and Latin@ origins, has selected ¡Somos de Fiesta! (meaning “We are people of celebration!”) as its theme for this year's Hispanic Heritage Month. Somos plans to do just that—celebrate—throughout this month, with local chapters hosting events and activities across the country.

Individuals with Hispanic and Latin origins make vital contributions to the construction industry and the essential buildings and infrastructure that enable our communities to thrive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, 30 percent of construction workers identified as Hispanic. During Hispanic Heritage Month and year-round, Balfour Beatty is committed to creating greater representation and advocacy for this valued community through educational, engagement and service opportunities.

To highlight the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month, several of our Somos members shared their personal reflections and experiences: 

Dina Barrera, Payroll Specialist:

“Being part of Somos reassures me that Balfour Beatty cares for all people and shows the industry that our organization truly is people-first. It also allows me to learn and appreciate the struggles some may have gone through to be where they are. It’s encouraging.”

Gil Fullen, SVP – Business Acquisition:

“Somos has allowed me to connect with our amazing leaders across the business and reminds me that we are well-represented and making a difference. It allows us to centralize ideas on how we can continue to improve diversity and inclusion in our organization.”

Elizabeth Angel, Director of BIM/VDC:

“Somos is a platform to share insights into the culture that built me and the challenges that I’ve overcome. I am humbled and fueled by the thought that I am breaking barriers and opening doors for future Latin@s who may not have a positive role model that can help them believe their dreams are achievable.”

Cristina Jacinto, Executive Administrative Assistant:

“Somos helps us feel more connected to the people we work with. That commonality among us of shared life experiences strengthens bonds and makes connecting with people on a different level easier.”