Going Beyond Zero Harm

by Balfour Beatty

At Balfour Beatty, Zero Harm is more than just a goal—it is central to our way of life. Every day, our teams are taking safety beyond the jobsite and incorporating our Zero Harm mission into their lives at home, on their commute and out in the world.

Anthony Osborn, a laborer at our Caltrain Design-Build Electrification project in San Mateo, California, is a prime example of the importance of safety training—and that the benefit of that training extends beyond the jobsite.

Anthony attended a first aid, CPR and AED training in October. The training covered basic first aid skills as well as the steps for administering CPR. Attendees practiced chest compressions and rescue breaths on manikins to ensure they applied the correct pressure in the appropriate position.

Less than a month later, Anthony awoke early in the morning to find his wife unresponsive due to a medical event. Anthony immediately called 911. While an ambulance was on the way, Anthony cleared his wife’s airway, administered rescue breaths and began CPR.

“I told the paramedics that I was trained in CPR and could begin life-saving measures—if I hadn’t had that training a month before, that wouldn’t have been the case,” says Anthony. “They talked me through everything on the phone, but I was grateful to already know to clear her airway and the proper pressure for compressions.”

Speaking to medical professionals after the fact, Anthony learned that his CPR efforts saved his wife’s life. She is now making a full recovery.

“We’re incredibly proud of Anthony for using his training beyond the jobsite and for sharing his story with us,” says Christian Gonzalez, environment, health and safety representative. “Anthony always prioritizes safety and is truly living out our Zero Harm culture.”

“I’m so grateful to have received that training from Balfour Beatty,” says Anthony. “Because of it, I feel more equipped to care for my wife and children.”