Empowering Our Women

by Balfour Beatty

March 1, 2024

During Women in Construction (WIC) Week and all year long, we are celebrating the invaluable contributions of women in our communities as they break barriers and redefine roles in the construction industry. This year, Balfour Beatty is united under the theme of “Empowering Our Women,” allowing us to highlight the achievements and goals of our Connecting Women employee affinity group.

Connecting Women recently hosted a panel discussion with leaders from across the business who are prioritizing mentorship, recruitment and diversifying our workforce every day. Together, they discussed their professional journeys, career-defining moments and ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the modern workplace.

Check out some of the valuable insights our Balfour Beatty leaders shared during this impactful panel:

“One of the worst things a leader can do is make assumptions. Never assume you know what another person is dealing with—ask questions and be curious so that we can understand how to make our people feel cared for.” -Sarah Brand, Vice President, National Business Acquisition

“We’ve all had people who have had a hand on our shoulder throughout our careers. Now, it's time to ask ourselves who we are guiding and mentoring in return. What are we doing for the next generation of leaders to come?” -John Harris, Executive Vice President, Business Unit Leader

“We must meet people where they are. Everyone has a unique perspective, and when we are open to those new perspectives and ideas, we are all better for it.” -Mark Konchar, President, US Civils

“Our trade partners can tell who a Balfour Beatty teammate is, even if we're not wearing the t-shirt— they can see it in our people-first culture. We're approachable, we listen, we treat each other fairly.” - Layli Pietri, Minority Business Development Director

“I've been privileged to have supervisors who lead with compassion and empathy, which gives everyone permission to do the same. It shows us that kindness is not weakness; it's a superpower.” -Kelly Simpson, Senior Marketing Manager