Balfour Beatty Celebrates Women’s Equality Day

by Balfour Beatty

August 24, 2023

On Women’s Equality Day and every day, we are celebrating the invaluable impacts women have made in the construction industry and beyond! Our Connecting Women employee affinity group recently hosted a fireside chat discussing important topics such as work/life balance, normalizing conversations around mental health and the experiences of women in construction.

Check out the invaluable insights our panel of Balfour Beatty women across the U.S. shared below!

“Normalizing the conversation around work/life balance and realizing that we’re not alone in this journey has been transformative for me.” -Sonya Roberts, VP of Human Resources – US Civils

“I had to learn to be an effective delegator and rely on my team in order to maintain balance in my life.” -Gwendolyn Maki, Project Manager – Arizona

“Educating colleagues on the systemic issues women face, especially in the construction industry, can really change the dynamic on a team.” -Lynne Spikes, Superintendent – Texas

“You have to slow down in the fast-paced environment and acknowledge where your career is headed and make sure it aligns with what brings you satisfaction.” -Megan McCauley, Superintendent – Washington

“As women, we often carry guilt because of the things we choose to do and the things we choose not to do. That can take its toll if you don’t look for ways to find balance.” -Jennifer Kelley, SVP/CFO – US Civils

“Everyone’s journey is going to be different, and sometimes we have to educate those around us in order to be the change we wish to see.” -Morgan Heimdale, Preconstruction Estimator – Texas