Balfour Beatty Donates to One Tree Planted and Plants Nearly Six Thousand Trees Across the Nation for Arbor Day

by Balfour Beatty

April 28, 2023

DALLAS – In observance of Arbor Day, Balfour Beatty’s US Buildings, Civils and Investments operations donates nearly six thousand dollars and plans to plant nearly six thousand trees – representing one tree per teammate – on behalf of One Tree Planted, an organization focused on global reforestation. The donation and tree planting initiative targets geographies across Balfour Beatty’s national footprint, furthering the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability. Since 2021, Balfour Beatty has planted over 16,000 trees in partnership with One Tree Planted.

As a company whose employees, families, clients and industry partners have been directly impacted by forest fires, tornadoes and hurricanes, Balfour Beatty’s support of the One Tree Planted program is the most impactful way to extend a helping hand to recovery efforts in communities across the nation. The company’s contribution of nearly six thousand trees will be planted in the Appalachia region, California, Oregon and other areas where One Tree Planted is focused on replacing trees destroyed by fire.

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization based in Vermont whose vision is to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. The organization’s goal is to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world. Since 2014, the organization has planted 40 million trees in more than 43 countries.

"Trees are critical for many reasons not only to our industry but also the environment," says Richard Ryan, Balfour Beatty US senior vice president of safety and safety lead. "In the construction industry, we use many elements derived from trees. But, more importantly, we need trees to sustain our world. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and provide habitat for wildlife. Forests also provide jobs for more than 1.6 billion people worldwide and supply key ingredients in 25% of medications. We must ensure the replenishment of this natural resource that contributes to our business as well as the world."

In addition to contributing to reforestation efforts, Balfour Beatty as part of the Colorado River Constructors (CRC) joint venture, is partnering with an arborist to preserve more than 200 trees along the roadway of the Oak Hill Parkway project in Austin, Texas. Preservation efforts include installing fencing to keep equipment away from trees, monitoring tree health and soil moisture levels and fertilizing on a semi-annual basis. As the project proceeds, the team will plant hundreds of new trees and bushes along the new roadway.

As a part of the company’s 2023 sustainability goals, Balfour Beatty commits to plant one tree for each employee across the nation by the end of the year. Local operating teams will work with their local forestry service to arrange for planting based on the best timing and season for each location.

For more information on One Tree Planted and how to support their cause please visit