Safety’s Within Your Reach for Safety Week 2021

by Balfour Beatty

May 1, 2021

Each year, Balfour Beatty joins more than 70 national and global construction firms in recognizing National Construction Safety Week by promoting the industry’s dedication to eliminating worker risk and injury. From May 3rd, and lasting four days, Balfour Beatty will launch its “Safety: It’s Within Your Reach” 2021 Safety Week campaign as part of its never-ending Zero Harm commitment. 

As a long-time Safety Week member and supporter of the week-long campaign, Balfour Beatty teams and trade partners across the nation will identify ways to make safety within their daily reach and reflect on what’s most important – going home safe to their families every day. 

Themed “Safety: It’s Within Your Reach,” Balfour Beatty’s 2021 campaign reinforces the critical role of making correct choices to keep people safe and empowering teammates and trade partners to reach out when they need guidance regarding a procedure, work status, or other conditions and behaviors that may lead to unsafe outcomes.  

“I ensure I provide the correct information and direction to the employees for each operation,” said Ignacio Jimenez, a Balfour foreman in Texas. “We discuss all safety hazards prior to performing the work, and we are in constant communication with each other. We make sure the team is trained on equipment and the proper use of tools.”

Balfour Beatty’s global and progressive Zero Harm safety program is culturally and operationally focused, providing tools and resources that prioritize safety in operations and create psychologically safe environments where everyone is empowered to speak up on behalf of health, safety, and wellbeing. With the company’s ongoing support of teammates and trade partners, Zero Harm is an attainable goal when individuals follow a path of safe choices.

“Safety starts at the top, and we are fully supported by our upper management team,” said Bryan Rasmussen, Balfour Beatty general superintendent in California. “Balfour Beatty provides all the training and supplies needed to implement Zero Harm.” 

With added stressors and safety requirements COVID-19 created, safety incidents are on the rise within the construction industry. Balfour Beatty’s Safety Week campaign will address how the pandemic has impacted the company’s safety operations and include safety training and toolbox talks covering trending topics such as strains and sprains, mental health and suicide awareness, hand and foot injuries, utility strikes, housekeeping, temporary works, and hazard recognition. 

“Continuous discussion and feedback will create new thinking around safety,” said Greg Rosinski, Balfour Beatty senior superintendent in Washington State. “It will also offer new alternatives and ensure our projects are not only safety conscious but also engaged, productive, and working in everyone’s best interests.”

Safety Week provides an opportunity for Balfour Beatty to demonstrate gratitude to its workforce and trade partners for supporting safety year-round and to recognize their commitment to remaining injury-free. Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram as we feature our team members who reach for safety and foster a shared culture of care, concern, and belief that every week must be Safety Week.