Rudy Armendariz

Relentless Ally

Architect by trade, Rudy spent the first 20 years of his career in architectural and engineering design followed by five years in construction administration. When working on the Lincoln High School Renovation, he was invited to join D.E. Barnhart, Inc. (General Contractor of the project) in 2008, teaming up with a group of enthusiastic construction and design experts to form what later became the VDC/BIM Department in the Barnhart San Diego Headquarters (eventually acquired by Balfour Beatty).

This team has evolved significantly since its beginnings; very talented professionals have joined the ranks and Rudy has mentored most of them, proudly winning an International BIM Award in 2015 for the “Best BIM Application in Education” category, sponsored by buildingSMART. The following year, the team brought back another award in a different BIM category from the same organizers.

As an award-winning BIM expert, Rudy travels whenever possible to continue learning and educating others about advancements in construction technology. Currently, as senior BIM manager on the LAX Automated People Mover (APM), Rudy leads the Virtual Design and Construction effort of the five APM stations and the Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF). 

Though his love for art and building design remains, the satisfaction of watching a building go all the way to completion led him to his first job in construction administration, in Palm Springs, CA and later, in San Diego, CA where he found  more opportunities, including the chance to join the Balfour Beatty family. 

When he joined Balfour Beatty in 2008, Rudy was one of few professionals in the industry with expertise using BIM, which landed him the opportunity to assemble the BIM team in the San Diego office.

“Twelve years ago, there was virtually no one with expertise in BIM in the AEC industry,” Rudy explains. “The constant evolution of technology is pushing companies to be more aware of the trend and its value in construction.”

A passionate leader and BIM expert, Rudy dedicates his time practicing and advancing his craft, mentoring his team and staying abreast of new developments in construction technology.

Rudy’s commitment to his Mexican heritage is another contribution that doesn’t go unnoticed at Balfour Beatty.

As a Mexican native, Rudy’s language of origin is Spanish, and he generously assists the Balfour Beatty communications team with Spanish translations for a number of construction-related communications.

One of the main subjects for translation is Zero Harm communications, to ensure that everyone is always safe on all Balfour Beatty projects. Rudy regularly volunteers to ensure our Zero Harm messages are clearly communicated and comprehended by Spanish-speaking staff.

“To me safety is extremely important,” Rudy explains. “I've lost coworkers due to unsafe working conditions and I find it important that people understand how a safe practice on the jobsite can save lives.”

Rudy attributes his work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond to his Hispanic roots and values.

“I came to this country in 1986, and like many others, I came looking for better opportunities in life,” Rudy proudly explains. “I am grateful for the values of hard work and integrity my heritage instilled in me.”

And Balfour Beatty is grateful to Rudy for going above and beyond to serve our clients and ensure the safety of all Balfour Beatty teammates and partners.