Kendal Patterson

Relentless Ally

The 45-minute drive to and from the office each day is quite possibly the most consistent part of Kendal Patterson’s workday. No two days on the job have looked the same, and with a tenure spanning a quarter of a century, that speaks to his resilient attitude and flexible demeanor.

Hired at RT Dooley (acquired by Balfour Beatty in 2009) in May of 1992, Kendal began his career in construction as a laborer in the field. His first job, a renovation and expansion project at Vista Bakery in Columbia, SC, was just the first of more than 55 projects across the Carolinas. From the biggest and most notable towers in Uptown, to the smallest, behind-the-scenes tasks in the office, Kendal is absolutely the oil that keeps the Balfour Beatty machine running.

After a decade as a laborer, Kendal was offered the position of dump truck driver. Despite not knowing how to drive a stick shift he said, “I’ll try it and I’ll get it done.” He still carries that same attitude. A perspective that says, there is nothing I can’t accomplish if I give it my best. That mindset has served him well over the years, developing various skillsets and tackling new challenges as they present themselves.

Whether he’s hanging pictures, delivering materials to a jobsite, erecting the office Christmas trees, moving furniture, patching holes in the wall, or finding a place for the many miscellaneous items that come off a job, Kendal checks off each request, regardless of who it came from, with a smile. How many hats does Kendal wear on a weekly basis? We’re not exactly sure, but if someone asked him to build a closet for them, he’d have materials delivered & PPE signage posted by 8am tomorrow.

In the words of Senior Project Manager, Mike Wehner, “Kendal Patterson is always ready to help no matter what the job or task is and ALWAYS does it with a smile on his face. I have called him numerous times for help with deliveries, night work, covering shifts, or even going to a client’s office and helping them move something. He is truly an inspiration to all who know him and is the true definition of Relentless Ally.”