Kyle Bolejack

Relentless Ally

Standard-Setting Special Projects Leadership

Special Projects Vice President Kyle Bolejack’s father was a professional civil engineer. But by the time Kyle joined Balfour Beatty, he knew his passion would take a related but different path: rather than design things, he wanted to build them.

In the 21 years since, Kyle’s career opportunities have taken him across the country and back, through diverse project experiences and finally to his now-permanent home in North Texas. At every step, Kyle has developed his leadership and keen business sense on our most fast-paced, high-touch special projects.

When projects seem impossibly fast or indelibly complicated by their surroundings, Kyle and Balfour Beatty’s Special Projects team, provide matchless interior finish-out and tenant improvement construction services. On every project, they serve our clients as trusted allies and create repeatable results and decades-long relationships.

Tried and Tested Teams

Kyle’s success in the special projects market displays what sets our special projects teams apart: they aren’t just operations teams executing ad hoc special projects, but rather are fully dedicated to this unique facet of construction and its challenges. Our teams expertly manage accelerated schedules, unconventional work hours, work in occupied buildings and handling sensitive and unique systems to create world-class interiors.

“Working in special projects means encountering new clients, new problems and new solutions much more frequently,” Kyle says. “The dynamic nature of special projects excites us, but it also motivates us to cultivate teams who understand the market and how our clients operate.”

Balfour Beatty’s special projects operational structure is laser-focused on this market at every level, from our dedicated preconstruction group to project engineers and all the way up to superintendents. And backed by years of dedication to the unique rigors of special projects, our teams and sector leaders like Kyle build trusting, longstanding relationships with clients of every size.

“We have relationships with North Texas financial and legal service clients that stretch back multiple decades,” Kyle reflects. “We work to become a trusted ally immediately, but for many clients, that trust has been realized in many years of successful projects and repeat work.”

Balfour Beatty’s repeat interiors clients are a testament to our teams’ expertise, agility and ability to understand and realize each client’s vision.

First-Rate Communicators

In special projects, perhaps more than anywhere else, communication is critical. Kyle and our special projects teams proactively and continuously communicate with our clients to ensure success and meet clients’ unique schedule and spatial needs.

For clients in the financial, medical and many other sectors, construction often simply can’t interrupt day-to-day operations. Shutting down even portions of a floor during normal business hours may not be an option. By establishing this need as early as possible and reconciling the client’s needs with the project schedule, Kyle and his teams find the right solutions every time.

In some cases, after-hours and night work may suffice, but in others work might be restricted to a short window from Saturday afternoon through Monday morning. Whatever the client requires, our special projects leaders like Kyle make it happen.

Unique client needs can also extend beyond logistical solutions and into sensitive Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems. Projects in active healthcare facilities involve many of the same scheduling considerations with an added layer of complexity in advanced HVAC filtering, negative air machines, sterile areas and more.

“For healthcare clients, it’s beyond critical that we understand their unique MEP needs and how we can mitigate our own dust and debris,” Kyle says. “Every project is a balancing act of meeting our schedule commitments while serving healthcare clients by protecting their patients.”

Trade partner selection also plays an important role in special projects success, where space, tolerances and schedules are all compressed. Kyle and our special projects leaders ensure the right people match with the right projects by developing rosters of trusted partners with established experience in the relevant sectors.

“Our clients value work done with excellence, not cutting corners for a low price,” Kyle says. “We work hard to partner with or develop trade partners who share those values and our commitment to transparent and constant communication.”

Setting the Standard

When Balfour Beatty clients work with Kyle or any special projects teams, they value more than just our name. It’s all about our people, and our special projects leaders all bring deep industry knowledge, client-first service and unparalleled project management.

When the stakes are highest, the logistics most complex and the sector-specific needs most singular, Balfour Beatty is more than just a known quantity – we’re the industry standard.