Relentless Ally
Every success story begins with our commitment to you

Senior Process Manager Elizabeth Angel pays it forward in spades

With over 13 years of experience in the design and construction industry, Elizabeth Angel is a technology wizard. In her role as Senior Process Manager in the Seattle office, she focuses on making projects located throughout the Pacific Northwest leaner using her knowledge, experience, and sheer passion to transform buildings. Her expertise using the latest technologies such as Bluebeam, Digital Docs, and 3D modeling, combined with her solid connections within the AEC community, places her at the forefront in the field. She definitely has a “finger” on the pulse and pace of the industry.
But it’s her journey and her passion for helping others that takes Elizabeth’s work to the next level as a true relentless ally.
The sixth of seven kids, Elizabeth grew up in San Ysidro, California where she and her brother would spend countless hours in the back yard designing and creating structures of all shapes and sizes. She may not have realized it then, but it was during these early years that she honed in on her natural-born talent as an engineer. Motivated by her maternal grandfather who endured hardship moving the family from Mexico in the 1960’s, and her father, an engineer without a formal education and the sole breadwinner for her large family, all she ever wanted to do was make her family proud.
Ask anyone who knows Elizabeth and they will tell you it was because of her family’s support and guidance that she was able to earn her Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She joined her six other siblings who all earned college degrees and are now part of her family’s legacy of first generation college graduates.
Perhaps it’s her desire to pay it forward, or just her bubbly personality, Elizabeth stays self-motivated because she has a strong desire to help. “I came from very humble beginnings,” said Elizabeth. “I’m grateful for the help I received when I was growing up. Now it’s my time to pay it back. My biggest focus is not to be a bottleneck—but rather, an enabler. Any information that I can share that will benefit a project or team is truly what drives and inspires me. I’m determined to do whatever it takes to generate results and make it happen.” 
Elizabeth definitely makes “it happen” for both clients and her fellow colleagues. Before bringing any idea to a client, she’s researched and tested it thoroughly to convince herself it’s a good idea first. Then, she explains her idea in a way that is easily understood and implemented by project teams. The company’s up and coming project engineers especially appreciate Elizabeth because they are the “Gen-X’rs” who are starving to know more about the latest applications of technology. Elizabeth is always right there to mentor and coach.

Elizabeth also leads the company’s Zero Waste initiative in the Pacific Northwest, championing technology and how to best use it in projects and in the office. In addition, she co-leads Seattle’s “Improvement Champion Group,” a diverse group that meets every month to identify, discuss, and implement new technologies into the business, as well as serves as the Division’s champion for the company’s “My Contributions” initiative which provides the opportunity for all employees to engage directly by proposing, developing, and managing improvement ideas and beneficial changes to be made in the business. If that’s not enough, she also co-leads the Seattle office’s Spirit Committee, and in 2014, she was part of the team that won the 2014 Seattle AEC Hackathon 1.2, an annual state-wide competition that brings together computer programmers, interface specialists, and industry process experts and professionals to create software solutions in a single weekend.

The first to volunteer for community service events, Elizabeth is quick to point out praise to others who have gone above and beyond. It not a coincidence that she leads a number of nominations in the company’s own Above and Beyond program. Elizabeth Angel is relentless in her passion for all aspects of the business, and a true ally for clients and co-workers alike—her namesake says it all!