Luda Safransky
Relentless Ally
A Woman with Impact

When the thought-provoking questions were answered and histories shared, Luda proudly walked out of her first interview with Balfour Beatty. And while she had already left the room, her presence remained. She was confident and decisive, ambitious and personable. She wanted more, and she had goals. When Luda left the office, she left an impact. Shortly thereafter, she started her first day as a marketing coordinator. She wouldn’t stop there…
Luda Safransky has been a pioneer in leveraging relationships, technology and resources to drive maximum value for her company, clients and the industry as a whole. When she started with Balfour Beatty six years ago in marketing, she was driven and worked diligently with pursuit leaders, generating the highest quality proposals that led to the acquisition of over $230 million in work.
Today as business development manager, Luda is leading pursuits of her own and cultivating meaningful relationships with clients. Her dedication, hard work, passion and deep knowledge of the industry—coupled with her willingness to always learn as much as she can about various markets and roles—has propelled Luda to becoming one of Balfour Beatty’s rising stars. Still working closely with the marketing team, she is passing down her knowledge and guiding her colleagues to achieve their own dreams.

Recently, Luda participated on a panel of women leading business development in construction. She spoke of the importance of maintaining a work-life balance through developing relationships, not because you feel you must, but because you want to show them that you genuinely care. This mentality has played a key role in Luda’s ability to excel in and out of the office while juggling her responsibilities as a mother.
Luda’s other professional accomplishments involve serving on the Developing Leader (DL) Council of NAIOP beginning in 2013. NAIOP is one of North America's largest, most prestigious and valuable commercial real estate organizations. In addition to serving in her role on the DL Council, she has organized numerous events and served on various committees including:

  • Golf Steering, a golf tournament that benefits marines and sailors of 1st MRB and their families
  • NAIOPalooza, a fundraiser that benefits HomeAid, a non-profit dedicated to building multi-unit housing for San Diego’s temporarily homeless men, women and children
  • Lunch & Learns that benefit young professionals by giving them an opportunity to learn from experts and apply success stories to their own careers
  • Mixers benefiting young professionals by giving them an opportunity to meet industry leaders and peers and build their professional networks

Luda continues to play a key role in giving back to the San Diego community by identifying relevant and local charitable organizations and supporting their efforts through fundraising and participation.