Joshua Bibb
Relentless Ally
An expert in design-build delivery and an operational asset.

Joshua recently joined the elite group of professionals who have earned Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Professional Certifications. Individuals with a firm understanding of the design-build delivery method and practical design-build project experience are eligible to complete the certification process.
Joshua Bibb joined Balfour Beatty in November 2016 as the design-build coordination manager on the $697 million Caltrain Electrification design-build project in northern California. Spanning 52-miles of the Caltrain corridor between San Francisco, CA and San Jose, CA, the Caltrain Electrification project represents Balfour Beatty’s largest design-build project without a joint venture partner in the US. As such, Balfour Beatty is responsible for managing the design and construction interface and coordinating all deliverables between the design team, led by PGH Wong Engineering, and construction teams in the field. As the design-build coordination manager, Joshua is responsible for this complex coordination effort to deliver the electrification project on-time in 2020.
Prior to joining Balfour Beatty, Joshua enjoyed a varied career managing off-shore drilling and maritime projects, as well as various development efforts throughout Africa, Asia and the United States. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in logistics and intermodal transportation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy. 
Joshua’s DBIA Professional Certification demonstrates to clients and colleagues Joshua’s understanding and practical application of the DBIA’s Design-Build Done Right best practices. By demonstrating at least six years of substantial, documented direct design-build project, completing DBIA coursework, testing and completing elective requirements, Joshua earned the DBIA Professional Certification in the fall of 2017. In doing so, he joined the ranks of only 2,500 professionals who have earned the DBIA certification since its inception in 1993.
Administered by the DBIA, the Design-Build Professional program is governed by a Certification Board of Directors comprised of design and construction professionals. This Board is responsible for policies and procedures affecting criteria for professional certification and the determination of individual certification status of candidates enrolled in the program.
“Achieving the DBIA Professional Certification was a lengthy process that involved submitting detailed records of my previous experience and proving my comprehension of the design-build delivery model through a practical exam,” explained Joshua. “As an active member of the DBIA, I urge my Balfour Beatty colleagues to look into the certification process for their own professional development."
With the DBIA Professional certification, Joshua has distinguished himself among his peers as an expert in design-build delivery and an operational asset. Congratulations to Joshua on the successful achievement of the Design-Build Professional Certification – and for his continued management of the design-build efforts on the groundbreaking Caltrain Electrification project in northern California. With his involvement, Balfour Beatty continues to make strides against its strategic goals each and every day.