Diego Vildosola-Magana
Relentless Ally
2021 Intern Competition Winner: Diego Vildosola Magana Builds History as an Intern

Diego Vildosola Magana, Balfour Beatty estimating intern in California, shares his experience as an intern and his love of history and building

When visiting Rome, it's hard to not admire the awe-inspiring ancient architecture. Many envision the stories behind the buildings and the people who constructed them. That's precisely what Diego Vildosola Magana, estimating intern with Balfour Beatty in California and 2021 Internship Competition winner, thinks about every building he passes.

Although not every structure is as unique as the Colosseum, it was the same passion Diego has for history and buildings that led him to pursue a degree in industrial systems engineering at the University of San Diego. The exposure that he would receive in that program ultimately led him to an internship in construction.

Exposure is exactly what he's getting.  

As an estimating intern, Diego is exposed to all facets of a project lifecycle, from its inception in preconstruction to the chaos of bid day, the start of construction and all the way to the end of the project. He's seeing it all. 

In his own words, Diego says it takes a village to do anything in construction, and he's certainly not wrong. "I'm getting a lot of tools to add to my toolbox," he says. "It takes a lot to win a project, get it started and bring it over the finish line safely and on time." 

And not to be biased, but we're pretty sure he's getting a healthy amount of exposure and tools for his toolbox that will put him above the rest of his class. For example, Diego has learned how to keep a calm and composed manner during the frenzy of bid day, a trait he has learned from his mentors at Balfour Beatty. 

The exposure isn't the only thing he likes about his internship with Balfour Beatty. One of Diego’s favorite aspects about being an estimating intern is being able to point back to our projects and say, "My team built that," or "I worked with the team that won that."

Diego is also a big believer in Balfour Beatty's "Build to Last" philosophy. He has witnessed first-hand how our work impacts the communities in which we build and loves that he is continuing to help build unique structures that people will cherish for years to come.