Candis Parker
Relentless Ally
An advisor and advocate for her industry and community, Candis Parker has left an indelible mark on the Carolinas.

Candis Parker: A Mentor to Builders and Dreamers 

Preconstruction typically paints a picture of pulling estimates together or bidding out projects. But when Candis Parker puts on her hard hat, she digs below the surface of preconstruction. She has taken her role as an estimator to the next level by giving Balfour Beatty’s operations teams everything they need to succeed while simultaneously mentoring and inspiring our trade partners. Her process-oriented, intentional leadership shines through her work on countless projects across North Carolina and community integration initiatives. 

Candis’s journey to become a construction industry leader was anything but typical. Early in her career, Candis owned and managed a small design and event planning business. To enhance her architectural services, Candis enrolled at Wake Technical Community College. One sustainable construction class soon led to many more, and a vision of supporting environmental stewardship in the built environment set Candis on her destiny.

Candis, who began working with Balfour Beatty as an intern, soon had the opportunity to partner with her alma mater on Wake Tech’s Montegue Hall. Budgeting the project from concept to construction documents, it was Candis’s first independent project in which she took the reins, but that was not all she accomplished. 

Recognizing a unique opportunity, Candis began paying it forward through volunteer programs in which she connected with Wake Tech construction students with real-world learning and development opportunities in the field. This was the first of many such volunteer opportunities that Candis would lead at Wake Tech as she grew her career.

Whether it be through jobsite tours, teaching classes or presenting Balfour Beatty-awarded scholarships, Candis is a mentor and inspiration to Wake Tech’s young builders and dreamers. Candis, who believes strongly that more people would pursue construction if they knew how exciting and impactful these careers can be, is passionate about raising this awareness—starting right in her own community. Most recently, Candis taught classes at Wake Tech Construction Academy, a nine-week course designed to build the capacities of small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses. 

Candis’s immense impact on her alma mater and the industry-at-large has not gone unnoticed. Wake Tech has recognized Candis by depicting her on various billboards throughout campus and on prominent Raleigh streets. Pricilla Tyree Williams with the City of Raleigh, speaks about this visual impact. 

“Through others we can visualize our own success. Candis’s image on the billboard speaks to young women of color and all women in general, emphatically stating that careers in construction are attainable. I am grateful for her willingness to be a positive role model and a symbol for positive change. Her image says, ‘If I can do it, so can you!’”  

Candis, a longtime volunteer with the U.S. Green Building Council and former chair of its Triangle Chapter, knows firsthand that sustainability extends beyond green building and LEED® certifications to include an intentional investment in people and communities. 

Through this lens, Candis sees preconstruction as a relationship-oriented role in which general contractors can drive deep engagement with trade partners, bettering the industry as a whole. Having developed relationships of mutual trust and respect with trade partners across the Triad, Triangle and coastal areas of North Carolina, Candis has left an indelible mark on the Carolinas construction community. 

In addition to her preconstruction focus at Balfour Beatty, Candis has taken on a dedicated supplier, trade and partner diversity role becoming both an advisor and advocate for her industry community. Candis works with MWSBE firms to provide guidance on the preparation of value-driven bids and pre-qualifications, which helps these firms better navigate the complexities of winning work especially in the public sector.  

Although Candis inspires her teammates day in and day out, she credits Balfour Beatty as fueling her passion for philanthropy. “The spirit of giving back is a Balfour Beatty thing, and what makes me the proudest of our company is how connected we are to the community,” praises Candis. The Raleigh team regularly participates in volunteer opportunities such as local school supply drives, Ronald McDonald House food donations and suitcase drives for children in foster care. Giving back to the communities where we work and live is part of this team’s DNA, and Candis is leading by example. 

Through her stewardship and sustainable leadership, Candis Parker is all about doing what is best for her company, clients and community. Candis may have fallen into construction, but it has been her purpose-driven work that has risen her to tremendous heights.