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Smart Phone Apps That Can Save Your Life

It’s National Safety Month and we want you to utilize the powerful safety tool you have at your fingertips - your smart phone.

Your smart phone is a portable safety tool in your pocket. Through apps and settings, you can take advantage of your smart phone as a provider of protection, information and rewards.

Here's a list of five ways you can use your smart phone in an emergency situation.

1. True Motion's Mojo App

Distracted driving can reduce or eliminate your reaction time and cause you to lose control of the car. Your smart phone is the deadliest factor in distracted driving accidents but True Motion’s Mojo app has taken this deadly distraction and turned it into a safety tool that can save lives.

Mojo motivates you to become a better driver through a point system. The app tracks your trips and the amount of time you drive without distraction. Each minute of distraction-free driving is a point earned. These points can be redeemed to win cash and prizes.

  • Improve your Mojo score by driving distraction-free and compete with friends and family for the best Mojo score.
  • Every 300 minutes of distraction-free driving, you will earn a spin on the wheel for a chance at a gift card.
  • Log-in to your Uber and Lyft accounts and app will automatically filter out ridesharing.

iPhone users click here to download. 
Android users click here to download.

2. American Red Cross Pocket First Aid for Humans and Pets

In an emergency, you may need to act fast before help arrives. Often, you aren’t sure what action to take or who to call. The American Red Cross app provides access to information on handling the most common first aid emergencies along with hospital proximity and contact information.

iPhone users click here to download. 
Android users click here to download.

Anyone with a pet will tell you that pets are people too! American Red Cross recognizes this by offering a pet first aid option. This app includes veterinary advice, lost pet tools and pet friendly hotels.

iPhone users click here to download. 
Android users click here to download.

3. Companion App

Worried about a journey you or a loved one are about to take? You can personally make sure you and your loved ones are safe by using the Companion app. Wherever you are headed, get there safely with the help of your friends and family . . . and phone!

Companion is a personal safety app that uses tracking and safety triggers to ensure safe trips and fast emergency contact. Companion acts as a “digital buddy” that will track your location and alert emergency contacts if anything goes wrong.

Your “companions” can view a live map of your progress, chat with you, and get live updates on your safety status throughout the journey. The app is also designed to pick up on safety triggers such as you not making it to your destination in time, your headphones being ripped out or if you start to run or drop your phone to the ground. If any of these triggers occur, it will notify your designated companions.

  • Invite friends and family to virtually ensure your safety while traveling anywhere (note, they don’t need to have the app themselves).
  • When you arrive at your destination, companions will be automatically notified that you’ve reached your destination. 
  • Live location tracking allows your companions to watch you while you travel. Safety Triggers will alert them if anything goes wrong.
  • Call emergency services with one tap! If you have a loved one at college, it also alerts campus security for a quick response.

iPhone users click here to download.

Android users click here to download a similar app called bSafe.

4. Uber Safety Toolkit

For those of you who don’t already use the popular driving app, Uber matches you with a nearby driver to take you wherever you want to go. Recently, Uber has ramped up its safety features significantly, so you can personally ensure a safe ride for you and your loved ones.

  • You can designate up to five contacts to share trip details that allow them to follow the trip in real-time, know which car you are in (and who the driver is) and when you’ve arrived.
  • The map will display your ride in real time on the Uber app so you always know where you are
  • When matched with a driver, you’ll see their name, photo, rating, and license plate number. This information will also be shared with the contacts you give access to trip details.

iPhone users click here to download. 
Android users click here to download.

5. ICE Your Phone

Whether it is the built-in app for iPhone users or the downloadable app for Android users, access to fast emergency response is available at your fingertips.

By adding an “in case of emergency” (ICE) contact to your phone you can ensure essential medical and contact information can be accessed quickly by an emergency responder even if the phone is locked.ICE settings can notify your loved ones of an emergency moments after it has happened and send them your location.

Setting ICE up on your phone can also allow you to call emergency services in just a few seconds. These quick and easy set-up steps can help save your life down the road!

Please click here for instructions on how to ICE your smart phone and devices here.

Knowing your phone’s safety features and downloading these apps can be powerful tools in an emergency. We want you to stay safe and protect your loved ones so please share the resources available with your family and friends!