Who We Are
Who We Are
Mobilizing the brightest minds in the industry, we deliver new rail and railway improvement projects safely, sustainably and on schedule

Balfour Beatty specializes in construction and maintenance services for public and private railroad markets. We perform industry-leading construction and maintenance services including inspection, reporting, managing signal design and installation, construction and maintenance for light rail, heavy rail (including high-speed, commuter and freight) and multimodal.

We use our knowledge in constructing and maintaining transportation systems—as well as restoring and replacing aging infrastructure—to help clients find smarter, more advanced ways to move people across cities and countries. Our more than 500 US rail and transit professionals work with clients to construct their most challenging projects, enhance rail assets and put technology and safety programs into practice.

As a rail infrastructure contractor, Balfour Beatty focuses on projects that increase railroad connectivity across the nation. To do so, we perform industry-leading design, signal engineering, construction and maintenance from multiple project and office locations. This national focus enables us to expand our knowledge of multiple local markets and to mobilize quickly in the delivery of rail improvements.

Our clients are Class 1 and regional/short line railroads, industrial railroads, ports and rail transit authorities. At Balfour Beatty, our mission is clear: to be recognized as the preferred rail infrastructure provider across the country. We concentrate on delivering quality signal engineering, construction and maintenance services that are safe, sustainable, reliable and cost effective. 

Our services are divided into two major groups to improve commuter and freight mobility — for both new transit systems and live railroads:

Major Projects

Traction Power Group