Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts

Awarded AIA Kemper Goodwin Partnering Award, Balfour Beatty delivered the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, one of the premier performing-arts halls in the Western United States.

Awarded AIA Kemper Goodwin Partnering Award, Balfour Beatty delivered the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, one of the premier performing-arts halls in the Western United States.

Scottsdale, AZ
City of Scottsdale
Year Completed
$10M - $50M
Market Type
Public Assembly & Sports, Retail/Mixed Use
CM-at-Risk, Preconstruction
Balfour Beatty served as the construction manager at-risk, providing full preconstruction and construction services for the 30 year old Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts renovation. The team continually developed cost estimates to ensure design was within budget, presented constructability and material options, master schedule creation, life cycle cost analysis and LEED analysis. Phase I included complete restructuring of the Atrium, total mechanical systems replacement, a new mezzanine addition and remodel of the west and north entrances. Phase II, included the complete renovation of the Virginia G. Piper Theatre, which included restructuring the theatre entry, glass elevator addition, new box seating and new stadium seating layout. The entire theatre HVAC and electrical systems were replaced to comply with current ASHRAE standards. This occupied facility remained 100% operational and safe during the entire course of construction.The atrium was also used for special events throughout construction.

Scottsdale’s Center for the Performing Arts (SCPA) renovation was completed during normal work hours with public access remaining open and employees continuing work in the administrative area. Project scope required the renovation of the lobby and main theater, both located on the first floor. Administrative employees’ offices are located on the second floor, which remained open and unaffected throughout construction, as well as the second, smaller theater on the first floor. 

As a public space, the project team developed a plan for a temporary swing space during the lobby renovation to keep box office sales ongoing and access to the second theater open and, more importantly, safe. To facilitate the flow of the public and second floor employees, a dedicated staff liason was committed to this project. Meeting with Balfour Beatty's superintendent daily, building events and construction activities were coordinated. For instance, if there was a presentation or event in the second theater, “noisy” construction activities were planned around the scheduled event, as well as those activities that may come in contact with the public. The project superintendent also distributed a schedule and maps of areas that would be open/closed. Providing these tools to the building team kept expectations of each team aligned and further solidified the partnership that was achieved through construction. Additionally, as a precaution, carbon monoxide detectors, air quality meters, and air filtration systems were implemented to ensure a safe work environment. Having a point of contact for SCPA helpled the team maintain a constant flow of communication to identify each team’s needs and concerns, and allowed public events to not be interrupted while the building was being further enhanced.

"The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts had a wonderful experience working with Balfour Beatty on our recent, expansive renovation. Renovating a beloved, public building with multiple moving parts and stakeholders could have been a nightmare but the team really went out of their way to ensure that the process moved forward smoothly. Since the building remained operational for administrative purposes during construction, they provided a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and were consistently on-site addressing our needs. With our ‘Opening Night’ being highly publicized, the team made sure that the project was completed and show-ready by our deadline. We would happily work this team again in the future." Cory Baker, director, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

This project won the AIA Kemper Goodwin Partnering Award.