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One South Market

Balfour Beatty applied some out-of-the-box thinking to deliver One South Market within the constraints of an aggressive, 18-month schedule. Learn how we brought the dream for this LEED Silver certified development to life in the capital of Silicon Valley.

Balfour Beatty applied some out-of-the-box thinking to deliver One South Market within the constraints of an aggressive, 18-month schedule. Learn how we brought the dream for this LEED Silver certified development to life in the capital of Silicon Valley.

San Jose, CA
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LEED Silver
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Green Building, Multifamily Housing
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One South Market Provides Silicon Valley with a New Lease on Life 

What do laptops, smartphones and tablet computers all have in common? Much like many notable technology-related innovations, they were all outcomes of the PC revolution borne out of Silicon Valley in the 1970s and 80s. And while there are widely differing opinions about the exact decade in which the very first personal computer was developed, one thing is certain: countless innovative advances in technology were created—or have come to fruition—in Silicon Valley.

Today, the eclipsing after-shocks of the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s is as evident as ever in what’s known as the capital of Silicon Valley - San Jose, California. In 2015, the region witnessed the highest job growth in nearly two decades fueled largely by the re-burgeoning technology market. This revival of activity in Silicon Valley—coupled with the region’s majestic coastal landscape and year-round inviting climate—provided local developer, Essex Property Group, with the opportunity to expand its West Coast portfolio. 

Balfour Beatty was privileged to partner with C2K Architecture to build One South Market, the first high-rise residential development constructed in San Jose over the last seven years. Situated in the heart of San Jose’s swanky urban center, the 23-story mixed-use complex is comprised of 312 apartment units and incorporates 6,700 square feet of retail space along with 131,000 square feet of parking. It was only fitting that this project, located in a city that pulses with imagination, required some out-of-the-box thinking from its builder to deliver a LEED Silver certified structure within the constraints of an aggressive, 18-month schedule.

Creative Solutions for Schedule Challenges

Lengthy negotiations to secure a tie-back agreement with an adjacent property resulted in a significant, five-month schedule delay. To overcome these impacts to the projected delivery date, Balfour Beatty exercised creativity to accelerate and re-sequence excavation for the tower and parking garage. The solution involved applying out-of-sequence digging in a horseshoe shaped pattern, which enabled tower crane construction to commence while tie-back agreement details were being finalized. Further hastening the process, the project team commenced work on interior finishes much earlier in the schedule than would be customary on similar projects. By using a pre-fabricated window wall system that enabled the team to install windows three floors below the active concrete deck, Balfour Beatty was able to eliminate the need for steel embeds cast into the concrete slab, thusly avoiding long lead times. Furthermore, the project team worked seven days a week, around-the-clock to bring the parking garage schedule back on track, which enabled construction of the pool and amenity deck to proceed in a timely fashion. This solution allowed the team to achieve six-day floor turns and expedite skin installation and interiors work. Successfully maintaining the aggressive schedule on this project was a direct result of the team’s solutions-focused approach and seamless coordination with the owner, architect and subcontractor partners.

Green Living for an Eco-Conscious Generation 

As San Jose embraces its stunning job growth, the city is also grappling with emerging transportation needs that accompany a bustling cityscape. One South Market has been heralded as one of the best leasable housing options that the city has to offer due to its convenient downtown location, which is both walkable and bike-friendly for the growing demographic of eco-conscious millennials and the sustainability-minded generations that have followed. And it helps that One South Market, a LEED Silver certified building, was as sustainable during its development as it is today. By leveraging Lean construction and green building practices, Balfour Beatty successfully diverted three million pounds of construction waste from landfills. As residents enjoy views from One South Market’s stunning rooftop or pool deck, they can also bask in the feel-good fusion of luxury and sustainability.

Much like the topography of the region, Silicon Valley, economically speaking, has seen its fair share of peaks and valleys since the days of the computer revolution to the dot-com collapse. The outstanding collaborative effort between Balfour Beatty, Essex Property Trust and C2K Architecture produced a new residential tower that will positively impact the development and growth in downtown San Jose for years to come.

Notable Awards: 

  • Best Multifamily Housing Community - Over 250 du/acre - Gold Nuggets Award, 2016
  • Best Residential Project, Silicon Valley Business Journal, 2014