Providing our guidance on every project, every dream
    • Chad Humphrey

      Triangle Market Lead
      Relentless Ally since 2008

      As the Triangle Market Lead, Chad’s main responsibilities include strategic business planning throughout the Triangle, community engagement, business acquisition and talent management. Chad’s ability to build collaborative and high performing teams coupled with his operations background has strengthened the experiences that our team provides to clients. His forward-thinking management approach and community-oriented mindset has fostered an organization that is purposeful in strengthening our region while contributing to the success of his clients, partners and team. He is a true Relentless Ally.  

    • Shelly Goodwin

      Director, Safety Operations
      Relentless Ally since 2002

      As director of safety operations in the Carolinas, Shelly Goodwin provides unparalleled field experience. Looking at safety through an operations focus, on the premise of planning, is a differentiator Shelly brings to every project he works on. He is a well-respected leader by his peers and in the local communities he’s served for more than 30 years.

    • Tom Booth

      Project Executive
      Relentless Ally since 2014

      Tom Booth brings three decades of experience to his role and has worked on some of the most notable projects across the Southeast region spanning the corporate office, higher education, healthcare, hospitality and public/civic markets. Tom holds a degree in civil engineering from UNC-Charlotte and has received a number of professional accolades.

    • Tony Stoneking

      Vice President, Operations
      Relentless Ally since 1995

      With more than 30 years of experience, Tony is a shining example of not only setting high-performance standards, but also providing the leadership to meet them. Tony has strong field supervisory experience, including monitoring subcontractors and craft employees. He has a BS in building construction and contracting from Purdue University.