Providing our guidance on every project, every dream
    • Jay McQuarie

      Vice President
      Relentless Ally since 2000

      Jay brings over 15 years of experience to his role as vice president. Wearing many hats, he provides oversight to project teams and plays an integral role in estimating, preconstruction, business development, and marketing for projects in Arizona. Jay graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in finance and business administration.

    • Pleas Mitchell

      President, Texas & Arizona
      Relentless Ally since 1997

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      Pleas has a strong operational background, and proven relationships with the company’s clients and partners across the state. He has a passion for developing custom solutions that best address the needs of our clients, while also creating the high-performance teams and strategic plans needed to execute the work most effectively. His focus on performance excellence led Pleas to play a leading role in the creation of SmartStart®, a Balfour Beatty-trademarked philosophy and process that sets the foundation for an integrated and proactive project mentality enabling teams to consistently deliver unparalleled projects and experiences to our clients.