Community Involvement
Working together to make a greater impact

Balfour Beatty is filling the “Space Between” in downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix, Inc. (DPI), a non-profit focused on sustaining a high quality of life in Phoenix, is partnering with Balfour Beatty to produce a number of “pocket parks” that will fill the empty space in between current standing buildings. The effort is being coined, “The Space Between” and was created to bring a sense of community to empty and unused spaces located throughout downtown Phoenix.
The first completed pocket park project can be found between an Arizona State University dorm building and the Valley Youth Theatre. It also faces one of the area’s busiest streets. Designed by a local landscape architect, the park features wood decking throughout, grass, and other beautiful architectural elements. Balfour Beatty was brought on Board after the budget was set to bring the architect’s vision of the park to life. To help keep the project on budget, our team developed a number of material alternatives, and acquired a handful of subcontractors to ensure the project was delivered as promised.
This is the first pocket park of many more to come. Our Phoenix project teams are excited to be included as a partner with the City and DPI to not only fill the “Space Between,” but to create peaceful environments for people to gather, eat lunch, play games, or simply watch the world go by.