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Florida Operations Announce RelentlessAlly Award Winners

Congratulations to Florida office's 1st annual culture champions and RelentlessAlly winners. Derived from the company’s culture statement, the award categories were Zero Harm, Client Experience and People First. The winners were announced at the Florida Managers Meeting this month, and the ceremony was a popular success! The Florida leadership team discussed the categories and decided the nominations. Nominees were anonymously submitted and chosen through supportive evidence, in-depth discussion and outside recommendations.

Zero Harm

The Zero Harm award recognizes a team that is striving for complete safety on the job to help Balfour Beatty lead the industry in safety. The winner was objectively chosen by pulling the safety statistics from every active project. What the statistics don’t say is how the team has changed their client’s safety culture to reflect Balfour Beatty’s perspective on the importance of Zero Harm. Congratulations to Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center team on winning the Zero Harm RelentlessAlly award. This team exemplifies the idea Make it Count; on the jobsite, you will see safety best practices to little things often overlooked. Way to go JRTC!

Client Experience

The Client Experience award recognizes a team that went above and beyond in their delivery to the client. The winning team overcame extreme obstacles and challenges to deliver the building early (35 days!); the early and in-budget project led to the client selecting Balfour Beatty for their next project. Congratulations to the SeaWorld Sesame Street team on winning the Client Experience RelentlessAlly award. This team prioritized the client by delivering our services while forming a powerful and lasting connection. Great Job SeaWorld team!

People First

The People First award recognizes an employee who is truly a relentless ally internally, externally, personally and professionally. This individual is motivated to create an environment where Balfour Beatty is hands-down the best place to work. Congratulations to Jason Sizemore on winning the People First RelentlessAlly award. Jason has a close relationship with his large team and focuses on developing them personally and professionally. He naturally connects with people on a personal level and is well-respected for that and many other reasons. Thank you, Jason, for truly putting your team members and clients first! 

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