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Supporting Training Programs for Local Heroes in our Community

Our employees are committed to making a difference in their communities, even when called upon in the most unexpected ways. When Eric Garcia, Balfour Beatty’s senior safety health and environment manager on River Landing, was called to action, this time was no different.  

While on site for River Landing’s massive 8.1 acre development project, Eric received a surprising request. Local Lieutenant Maximo Vasquez, coordinator of the City of Miami Fire Department's (TRT) Technical Rescue Team, inquired about borrowing one of the project’s active tower cranes to train his Rescue Team. The department sought to better prepare for a recent safety scenario where time was of the essence. Over the course of three nights after construction, three rescue units rotated through training using three different strategies. After meticulously practicing each strategy, the team concluded what method worked best. 

No one wants to think about the day when a plan goes awry, and workers are at risk. Fortunately, just like Balfour Beatty’s safety leaders, our first responders are readying themselves for the unthinkable. And now, Miami’s TRT has a protocol in place for tower crane emergencies, meaning critical minutes won’t be wasted developing an emergency action plan on-site.

To learn more about what inspired the rescue mission in the sky and how TRT determined which option worked best, check out the complete story here.

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