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Long-Standing Partnership with Teach for America Blossoms into High-Tech Project Tour

It’s one thing to teach high school students about DNA, derivatives, and the Doppler effect in the classroom. It’s another thing altogether to take the classroom into the field, where STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects come alive with real-life applications.

That’s precisely what Balfour Beatty Construction did for a great group of West Charlotte High School LIFT Academy students. The students had the opportunity to visit one of our local healthcare projects, Octapharma Blood Plasma Facility. Our project team gave an interesting tour of this ultra high-tech project that enables Octapharma Plasma Inc. to store over $200 million in blood plasma. The students saw the project’s 35,000-square-foot lab area and its high-tech processing equipment as well as the 12,000-square-foot freezer that will store plasma in pallets at a temperature of -35° Fahrenheit. The grand finale of the tour was a walk inside one of the facility’s smaller freezer areas. The consensus was… COLD!

 “Thanks again for arranging such an amazing tour,” said Kevin Poirier, science instructor at the LIFT Academy. “Seriously amazing alignment with both our biomedical science and biology courses.”

Kevin is not only a talented classroom teacher. He’s also a former Teach for America fellow, a non-profit Balfour Beatty’s Charlotte office has long supported. It was our relationship with Teach for America that allowed the partnership with Kevin and his students to flourish over the past few years.

“I really appreciate all Balfour Beatty does for students, Teach for America, and Charlotte! Cool things like this wouldn’t be possible without you!” added Kevin.

“Always brings a smile to my face to hear of your partnership,” said Chavon Carroll, director of development for Teach for America.

It brings a smile to our faces too. 

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