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    Aaron Bath: A Champion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    February 11, 2022

    Aaron Bath receives esteemed award from the legal community for his strides towards an inclusive environment

    As an industry leader, Balfour Beatty recognizes the importance of allyship and advocacy in creating a more diverse and inclusive culture—both in our company and industry. Through the vital contributions of our employee affinity groups, we encourage and support our teammates’ invaluable contributions that are inspiring greater inclusivity within the communities where we live, build and serve.

    As a longstanding professional organization within the paralegal field, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations annually recognizes a practicing legal professional whose conduct, actions and activities demonstrate extraordinary and quantifiable dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) through the Justice Champion Award. For his influential achievements and longstanding commitment to these initiatives, Aaron B. Bath, CEDS, RP, Balfour Beatty national director of litigation management, was honored with the esteemed award. 

    "I am honored to receive this award and extremely appreciative to the NFPA for celebrating this within our industry," says Aaron. "As one who is not the minority, it has been critical to my journey that I look past my personal experiences and limitations to be the best ally I can be to the historically marginalized communities that I serve." 

    Beyond his leadership at Balfour Beatty, Aaron served as the Dallas Area Paralegal Association (DAPA) president in 2021 and works as an adjunct professor of legal technology/litigation at Southern Methodist University. While leading DAPA, Aaron's proactive and dedicated work to creating an inclusive environment within the legal community led him to play a crucial role in successfully reworking the bylaws of the DAPA to be gender-neutral and inclusive of formerly incarcerated persons, among other substantive revisions, transforming the organization into one of the most progressive and inclusive legal associations in the country.
    The Justice Champion Award was created in honor of Heather Heyer, a paralegal and passionate advocate of the disenfranchised. Her passion led her to attend the peaceful protest of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she was tragically killed on August 12, 2017. Heather’s mother, Susan Bro, presented the award to Aaron. 

    "This award comes as no surprise to those who know Aaron," says David Hodnett, senior vice president and chief legal officer for Balfour Beatty US. "His commitment to inclusivity and teamwork and the respect and understanding he affords everyone with whom he interacts are evidenced in everything he does. Aaron demonstrates model behaviors for the diverse and unbiased environment we strive to create at Balfour Beatty."

    In further demonstration of his unyielding commitment to creating a more inclusive future for all, Aaron donated his prize money from the award, totaling $1,000, to the American Civil Liberties Union. 

    At Balfour Beatty, we take tremendous pride in our teammates' contributions and advocacy across the nation and the advancements they make within our communities. Through Aaron's continued dedication, he embodies our people-first culture that is driving important change and action across our business, industry and communities.

    Watch the Justice Champion Award presentation.