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    Two Major Projects: One Lean Team

    May 27, 2020

    Balfour Beatty project teams in North Carolina are implementing lean and efficient ways to simultaneously support two major projects situated in close proximity. The Havelock Bypass and James City Improvements projects are sharing critical resources as we deliver the best value for our long-term client, North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

    The Havelock Bypass project extends a little over 10 miles along the US 70 Corridor, from south to north of the Craven-Carteret county line in Havelock, NC.

    James City, a design-build project that will upgrade five miles of US 70 to a six-lane controlled-access divided highway, extends from Thurman Road to the Neuse River Bridge in James City, NC.

    Both projects are part of NCDOT’s plans to improve the US 70 Corridor that connects the major cities of Raleigh, Smithfield, Goldsboro, Kinston, Havelock and the Port of Morehead City.

    With only a short distance of 5.5 miles between both sites, our North Carolina team is leveraging a single project team and shared resources to mobilize construction on Havelock Bypass, while supporting the design, right-of-way acquisition, and utility relocation for James City.

    Some of the shared resources include a single site office that is geographically located between the two project sites, and the strategic placement of borrow sites in Havelock that will benefit both projects.

    “Borrow sites for the Havelock Bypass were chosen to reduce the amount of trucking through James City,” explains Project Manager Josh Sommer. “As a result, we are minimizing disruption to the community, using less diesel fuel, cutting costs on trucking expenses and decreasing wear on temporary pavement throughout the James City project.”

    While one crew completes earthwork and pile foundations to support bridge structures for Havelock Bypass, engineers will use the data collected from Havelock to design pile foundations for James City. This eliminates the guesswork when the project reaches this phase of construction and helps the team avoid scheduling delays.

    As construction on the Havelock Bypass continues to press forward, the crews will work in collaboration to develop the James City project with shared resources.

    We look forward to sharing more updates on this innovative approach as progress continues at both sites.