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    Two Balfour Beatty Leaders Awarded Autodesk's 40 Under 40

    December 15, 2021

    Katy Johnson and Dwayne Jeffery honored as 2021 Champions of Construction award winners
    From navigating supply chain delays and material shortages to implementing COVID-19 safety protocols, contractors have been challenged over the last 18 months to achieve new levels of jobsite leadership, creative problem-solving and innovative solutions. At Balfour Beatty, our teammates have effectively balanced these needs while ensuring our steadfast commitment to delivering projects safely and on time—exemplifying what it means to be a Relentless Ally from coast-to-coast. 

    As a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, Autodesk celebrates industry leaders who have demonstrated an outstanding ability to inspire, educate and advance the industry through their annual 40 Under 40 awards. Out of hundreds of nominations received from across the globe, this year, two Balfour Beatty leaders were honored as 2021 Champions of Construction: Katy Johnson, project executive in San Diego, California, and Dwayne Jeffery, safety, health and environmental director in Seattle, Washington.

    Katy Johnson

    As a project executive in California, Katy routinely oversees multiple projects concurrently. She ensures that project teams are well-aligned, our valued clients receive industry-leading service and that projects are delivered safely, on time and within budget. Katy's commitment to operational excellence, coupled with her positive leadership style, have lifted her teammates' spirits throughout the pandemic and empowered them to succeed. By actively engaging clients and cultivating trusted relationships, Katy has played an integral role in securing long-term contracts with California clients. 

    "Katy's drive, leadership and compassion make her a truly inspiring figure not just in Balfour Beatty but in the AEC industry," says Brian Cahill, president of the company’s US Buildings operations in California. "Her dedication to her work and to her teams make her a valuable role model to all. She is a highly-regarded professional and a helpful leader who pays attention to every player involved in the construction process."

    In addition to overseeing projects, Katy is actively involved in initiatives that promote social good. She brings valued perspectives and leadership to various internal groups within Balfour Beatty as a board member on the company's employee-led affinity groups, Connecting Women and Building PRIDE. 

    Dwayne Jeffery 

    As the safety, health and environmental director with our Seattle team, Dwayne manages one of the business's largest safety teams. After joining Balfour Beatty in February 2020, Dwayne was quickly promoted to his current role in June 2020. In a short period, Dwayne effectively implemented innovative policies and procedures to keep our project teams safe and healthy during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. He's served on Balfour Beatty's National Construction Safety Week 2020 planning committee. Dwayne also played a critical role in protecting our construction sites during the protests and social unrest in Seattle while proactively preparing our teammates for the extreme air pollution from the forest fires in south Washington.

    "Dwayne has provided powerful new perspectives on safety since he joined our team. He supports each individual and promotes a culture of continuous improvement," says Troy Dickson, president of the company’s operations in the Northwest. 

    As a leader in safety, Dwayne serves as a dedicated mentor to his team at any given opportunity. Through active coaching and mentoring with his safety team, Dwayne helps the team navigate new approaches to safety issues in the field as well as effectively build relationships with their teammates and trade partners. Dwayne encourages professional development within his team by motivating others to pursue continual education and safety certifications. His colleagues appreciate his valuable leadership and his willingness to address all concerns promptly. There's no doubt about it: Dwayne's reputation is something to admire when it comes to health and safety. 

    Congratulations to these standout Balfour Beatty leaders for their passionate service to our clients, trade partners and teams and the industry-at-large!

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