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    Steve Lubich: A Man of Honor

    May 21, 2015

    Honor, courage, commitment - it’s what you would expect from a team of U.S. Marines, highly elite trained forces that protect our nation. For Steve Lubich, project coordinator, it’s exactly the same code of ethics he's found at Balfour Beatty Construction.

    Steve would know the Marine code when he sees it, having served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, he spent ten years being stationed all around the world, including Afghanistan, Thailand, the Philippines, and two tours of Iraq.

    These days, Steve can be found at the Perot family headquarters project site in Dallas, TX. It might not be as foreign and exotic, but in his view it’s just as interesting – and thankfully, a lot closer to his wife and young son who are about to leave Southern California to join him in Dallas.

    Steve’s path to Balfour Beatty was much like a surprise military attack – unexpected and swift. “I was at a Career Fair exhibition organized by Wounded Warriors when I met two of the most big-hearted people I know, Mike Carey, project executive-Vertical Healthcare and Michelline Howell, former HR specialist from Balfour Beatty. I’d heard of the company but I didn’t know much about construction.”

    Steve’s unstoppable enthusiasm and can-do attitude more than made up for any formal training in construction and within two weeks he found himself in Dallas, at the Perot family project site meeting the legendary General Superintendent, Bobby Little.

    This initiation was a little easier than the trial Steve faced in the explosives training he received in the Marines - he had to blow the door off of a safe without damaging the egg sitting on top of it - but it was still intimidating all the same.

    “The first thing Bobby did was throw a set of plans at me and ask me if I knew what I was doing. I told him straight-up: I have no idea.” Bobby’s response? “You’ll do!”

    Bobby and the team had sized up their new recruit as a force to be reckoned with, and for his part, Steve has been more than willing to roll up his sleeves and commit to his new career challenge.

    Steve has readily embraced the opportunity to learn everything from scratch even though it definitely means he has to get his hands dirty: “I get involved in as much as I can at the job site - plumbing, electrics, concrete, managing subs. I will try anything. Right now I am just happy to be here learning everything there is to know about construction.”

    Why the sudden interest in construction? “Right from the start I was more interested in the idea of working for Balfour Beatty Construction as a company, than I was about working in construction."

    Steve was immediately impressed with the commitment construction requires and the obvious pride that Balfour Beatty Construction has for its projects and work. “The teamwork, integrity and commitment to quality - it’s the exact same standards that we live by in the Marines. That’s what really drew me in.”

    Draw Steve in, is exactly what Balfour Beatty Construction did. He has only been with the company for six months but Steve credits a lot of his motivation to his team and the inspiring leaders that act as mentors and friends to him. “Sam Moses, Bobby Little, Stacy McGuffin, Chris Wolfe, Katie Humphries, Dakota Anderson and Tara Williams – from day one, they have all embraced me and they have become friends for life. The team is awesome!”

    The admiration works both ways: Bobby Little will tell you that Steve is an “outstanding addition to our team, his enthusiasm and ‘can-do attitude’ is infectious and it is an honor working with him."

    Steve has made a great effort to develop a rapport with the team he works with, and even though his position is not strictly a leadership role, he still calls on the leadership experience he gained in the Marines to connect with his teammates. “I walk around and I interact with each individual around me in a different way, whether that’s offering support, comfort or just being there to listen. That’s leadership and it matters to people.”

    For Steve, employee inspiration is not about grand gestures, the small things mean just as much. “Every single day, I arrive on site and I yell ‘Good Morning!’ It’s a small thing that I do but it amps everyone around me. That energy sets the tone for the entire day.”

    Sometimes, the situation calls for him to take a firmer stance in order to see things done and our friendly former Sergeant is more than ready to step up and help rally the troops (the subs call him Rambo, if that’s any indication).

    You might be wondering if he misses the military life. “Not at all. I love where I am right now because the morals of the Marines are right here in Balfour Beatty Construction. I can still live my life and do my job to the same standards that I did in the Marines and I can see the same qualities in everyone around me.”

    What’s next for a man who has traveled the world, served his country and is clearly not afraid to try something new?

    “I don’t want to go anywhere else. I want to spend the next 30 years right here – eventually I want to be doing Bobby Little’s job!”

    That sounds good to us, Sergeant.