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    Southern Gateway Project in Downtown Dallas Takes Shape

    April 30, 2021

    Teammates on the Southern Gateway project completed a major milestone this month that brings them steps closer to a permanent configuration for drivers in Dallas.

    The 11-mile design-build project aimed to rebuild and widen one of the most congested highways in Texas is on its way to relieving congestion in the Southern Gateway corridor south of Dallas.

    This month, the project team relocated all the temporary lanes on I-35E southbound at Beckley Avenue and 12th Street to the general-purpose lanes and the project's permanent four-lane configuration.

    The four lanes are part of the first segment of the project that includes full reconstruction of the highway extending from the south part of Downtown Dallas through the I-35E and U.S. 67 split.

    “Our client [TxDOT] has been generous with allowing us to get ahead of schedule doing the traffic switch at this time,” says Dan Young, director of construction.

    “With the reduction in traffic volumes at the beginning of the pandemic, they have been a helpful partner in supporting closures to progress construction.”