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    Seattle Project Wins AGC Marvin M. Black Partnering Excellence Award

    May 12, 2021

    The Seattle team is thrilled to announce that the King County Children and Family Justice Center project has been selected as the winner of the Associated General Contractors of America 2021 Construction Risk Partners Build America Merit Award in the Marvin M. Black Partnering Excellence category.

    This award is attributed to the team’s strong, collaborative partnership with King County, OAC Services, Inc., Integrus Architecture, HOK and the many design partners. They exemplified a project-first mentality and are a shining example of great partnership.

    The design-build team was also committed to partnering with diverse subcontractors:

    • Increasing the employment and job-training opportunities for veterans, women, and people of color with 26% of total craft hours of the project team performed by building apprentices

    • 23% of those apprentices were minority and 7% were women

    • Delivered a 12-month mentor protégé program for small contractors and suppliers, one of the great successes on this project

    The Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC) replaces an outdated Youth Services Center with a trauma-informed facility that provides modern youth and family court services as well as a flexible and therapeutic juvenile detention center. The new facility includes:

    • 137,000-square-foot courthouse with 10 courtrooms

    • 112-bed juvenile detention center allowing for flexibility to reduce detention space in the future

    • 10,200 square feet of youth program space

    • 1.55 acres of open area including pedestrian and bicycle pathways and a public plaza

    At its core, the CFJC is about bringing people together to serve the community and families in crisis. It allows the full integration of all the judicial, legal, and social service components required to comprehensively meet the needs of all at-risk families and children. The site, its buildings, and open space are organized to reinforce the County’s goal of providing hope, dignity, compassion, fairness, and justice.

    The notion of bringing people together was epitomized by the nature of the design-build delivery process, the integration of the owner into that process, a commitment by all to a project first approach as well as the early involvement from the community itself.

    The highly collaborative design-build delivery method enabled the project team to overcome a myriad of external challenges, including intense public debate and securing the necessary workforce within one of the busiest construction markets in the country. 

    Inspired by AGC's Past President Marvin M. Black, the inclusion of partnering into the Build America Awards represents a timely and unified celebration of the construction industry's finest. Contractors honored with this award stand out for their ability in the following areas:

    • Signing a formal partnering charter

    • Achieving a common goal

    • Honoring all stakeholders

    • Resolving Conflict

    • Improving communication on the project with all audiences

    • Incorporating team-building activities