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    School Ends, Construction Begins

    May 29, 2019

    The weather is turning warmer, and children are counting down the days to summer vacation. But while the kids are thinking about the lazy days of summer, our K-12 teams are ramping up to begin summer projects.

    Every year on campuses across the nation, the school buses move out and the construction equipment moves in. While some projects can be built when school is in session by separating construction from school activities, many renovation projects must start and complete during the precious weeks in June, July and August. It is a highly choreographed dance to maximize every detail of the schedule to finish the projects before the kids show up for the first day of class in late summer. Frequently, teams work right up to the day before school opens to make sure everything is ready.

    Our education teams are masters at planning summer schedules. They start planning during winter months to ensure that materials, equipment and our trade partners are ready to roll on site as soon as school ends. This planning is crucial for difficult renovation work that requires tying new construction and systems into older facilities.

    As school construction has become more complex and schedules compressed, our K-12 professionals have increased onsite technology, lean processes such as last planner and coordination with school districts to ensure the safe and successful delivery of these fast-track projects.

    Our Texas education team will be working on eleven projects this summer, including the remodel of Allen ISD’s Marion Elementary School, which will put in place $12.5 million in renovations in just nine weeks. Our California education team will be working on thirteen projects this summer with eight districts taking advantage of the summer months for heavy infrastructure work.

    “To further support our local school districts, we schedule and complete the most disruptive work during the summer rush, so that we don’t impact the learning environments during the school’s academic calendar,” says Gil Fullen, vice president of business acquisition in California.

    “We can’t waste a moment,” says Jon Moreau, vice president and business unit leader for Texas education. “One of our newer initiatives is working with school districts to plan and execute facility move outs. This coordination allows us to begin demolition two hours after the last bell of the school year rings.”

    This integrated partnership with school districts goes far beyond construction projects. In addition to building the schools, our education teams provide support to education foundations, fund scholarships, and provide volunteer hours to organize and manage mentorship programs that educate students about careers in the construction industry.

    A good portion of the work won since last year will be completed during the summer months of the next two years, and our education experts will be ready.