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    National Construction Safety Week

    May 07, 2018

    Each year, Balfour Beatty recognizes National Construction Safety Week. This annual event is an important time to raise awareness about our responsibility as an industry to eliminate worker risk and injury, especially regarding the leading causes of fatalities OSHA terms its “Fatal Four:”

    • Falls
    • Struck by object
    • Electrocutions
    • Caught-in/between

    At Balfour Beatty, we believe National Construction Safety Week is also a time to reflect on the power of safe choices. Both on and off the jobsite, the choices we make can have life-changing consequences—often in the matter of a single second. As the statistics below prove, we can and must do better to protect this industry’s most valuable asset: our people. One life cut tragically short is one too many. 

    To achieve Zero Harm, we strive to empower and equip workers with the knowledge and training to make those correct choices. Balfour Beatty also fosters a culture in which workers are comfortable speaking up if they see a situation that doesn’t look or feel safe. This week, you’ll learn about some of the key choices we’ve made across our business to keep people safe:

    Join us in adopting a One Second, One Choice safety mindset. Together, by committing to make the right choices, we can reduce these statistics to the only acceptable number: zero.