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    Heartfelt Grand Opening Ceremony at Lilian J. Rice Elementary School

    October 02, 2014

    SAN DIEGO – Recently, more than 75 attendees assembled at Lilian J. Rice Elementary school, in San Diego, Calif., for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the school’s multi-purpose building, newly renovated by Balfour Beatty Construction.

    Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members attended the brief yet meaningful event to show their excitement and support. The ceremony commenced with a welcome message by Chula Vista Elementary School District Principal, Ernesto D. Villanueva, followed by introductions for District Superintendent, Dr. Escobedo, board members, and representatives from Balfour Beatty Construction.

    Just before the ceremony wrapped up, Mr. Villanueva introduced two students who took the time to express their appreciation and joy for their modernized school in the form of a poem. “We are grateful for your work in making our schools a better place to learn and thrive. This poem is authored by two students – could not have expressed it better,” stated Dr. Escobedo, Chula Vista Elementary School District superintendent.

    Thank you for modernizing our school,
    you guys made it look so cool.
    You worked like Kung Fu dudes
    renewing our school and even our moods.

    The new technology we have completely rocks,
    so much that even foxes want to wear socks.
    The old projectors and screens made it hard to see
    so now we have awesome apple TV’s.

    Before you guys came, our media center was dilapidated and plain.
    Now it’s shiny and new and could be in the IMC Hall of Fame.
    Furniture will be ordered and will be here any day.
    We can’t wait for it and to use technology in a different way.

    Our classrooms have better white board space to help our teachers teach and write away.
    Our desks have turned from wood to white board and now we can write all of what we have to say.
    The carpets have been refreshed and are brand new
    and that is all because of you.

    The bathroom walls have been styled with vibrantly colored tiles.
    Our hand dryers are now automatic which will last for a long while.

    The lunch area before were hard and chained up tables,
    now they are shiny, blue and very very stable.
    Even the new roof provides more shade,
    we like it much better than the other one made.

    Once again we thank you for modernizing our school,
    we couldn’t have done it without all your tools.
    In this poem we expressed our thanks for renewing this place
    and we wanted the chance to say it to your face!

    The project was one of three elementary school renovations that Balfour Beatty Construction completed for Chula Vista Elementary School District over the summer of 2014, just in time for the new school year.