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    Delivering a Trifecta

    June 10, 2020

    Balfour Beatty's Southeast team has successfully delivered the company's first-ever hotel project in Atlanta.

    After sailing through the client and owner inspections with a minimal punch-list, the Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Midtown project team wowed the client by producing a high-quality, safe project right on schedule and budget.

    Delivering this milestone achievement was no easy task. Right from the start, the team found themselves in a tight spot, literally.

    The 186-room Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Midtown sits on less than a 13,000-square-foot site with an approximately 8,500-square-foot floor plate - a close fit by anyone’s standards. The corner site is also heavily bordered by a bustling city street and the Arts Center MARTA bus station as well as underground tunnel, all of which posed multiple restrictions and intricacies that the team had to plan around.

    As a result, the 20-foot tower crane easement had to be accommodated on an adjacent property – but there was a strict timeline on the easement. The easement agreement also required the team to take out the entire crane foundation when they were finished. The Balfour Beatty team won the bid with their solution to use a soil improvement pier to gain capacity for the pad to sit on. Since it wasn’t concrete, they could leave it in place and simply remove the mat foundation.

    The team maximized their time in the pre-construction period to understand all the complexities. The preparation and lean efficiencies the team put in upfront were instrumental in helping them address the new and unexpected challenges that came their way as the project advanced. This included: working around a busy bus/train tunnel, significant rain delays and last-minute changes from both the owner and City of Atlanta.

    Although the project faced more than its fair share of challenges, it was far from a bumpy ride. In fact, this team, working with a new client on a new product, managed to deliver what our client Jay Patel, President/CEO North Point Hospitality described as “the best and smoothest project in his [30-year] history with the company”.

    Both our client and the Hilton team (who are managing the property) were completely blown away by the quality of the finished product. As a result, our client is now making plans to adjust their developer schedule for upcoming projects based on our availability.

    As Project Executive Russ Brockelbank explains: “This was a significant milestone for our business and this team really proved that we have what it takes. What made this project such as success was the way the team came together with energy and passion. They came up against so many challenges along the way, but they didn’t let anything beat them”.

    By working together as one determined team, they pulled off what Senior Vice President and Business Unit Leader Mike Macon describes as “the trifecta – a quality project delivered on time and within budget.”

    The Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta Midtown project team is a testament to the power of preparation and a fighting time spirit that never let anything get in the way of success.

    Congratulations to everyone involved in delivering this landmark project for our business.