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    Concrete in 3D

    April 07, 2021

    Concrete work is wrapping up on the EchoWater Tertiary Treatment Facility project in Sacramento, California. The project team recently poured its final concrete deck for the Disinfection Contact Basins (DCB) that will disinfect influent channels from bacteria and distribute into the effluent channels for recycled use or discharge into the Sacramento River. Next steps include construction of mechanical piping systems. 

    The DCB is one of three major structures on the project, which includes the Filter Influent Pumping Station (FIPS) and the Granular Media Filtration (GMF) – totaling more than 100,000 cubic yards combined.

    The DCB consists of 23 slab pours measuring 965 yards each, 164 sections of concrete walls and 32 deck pours measuring approximately 130 yards each. As the largest structure on the project, the DCB is about 27,000 cubic yards of concrete. The EchoWater team self-performed all the concrete forming, placing, and finishing. 

    Due to the size and nature of the project, teammates use 3D Synchro technology to effectively plan, visualize and track construction progress.

    Check out this video for a 3D sequence visualization of concrete work completed on the DCB.