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    Changing Lanes

    May 30, 2018

    On Friday, April 20, the Colorado River Constructors (CRC) completed a major milestone in the delivery of the $581 million US 183 design-build project. The CRC team, a joint venture of Balfour Beatty and Fluor, successfully shifted traffic from the existing US 183 northbound lanes to the new non-tolled, general purpose lanes. These frontage road, general purpose lanes span two-miles between 51st Street and Springdale/Manor Road.  

    The accomplishment is the first of four major traffic switches planned in the northern portion of the project. These traffic switches allow the team to maintain traffic flow while building six new toll lanes along US 183. The team successfully completed a similar southbound switch on May 12 with the additional traffic switches planned for a later date.

    Through meticulous design, traffic management and safety planning efforts, the team successfully executed the traffic switches as scheduled. The team effort involved everyone working diligently to prepare for the traffic switch and lane construction – including completing a large portion of underground work. The public will not even see most of the work completed up to this point – including over 18 miles of underground pipe installed to date in the northern stretch of roadway.

    In addition to the tolled lanes, the CRC team is responsible for the design and construction of upgrades to the general purpose lanes, five grade-separated interchanges, 40 new bridges, two new direct connect fly-over ramps, improvements to major interchanges on the corridor, pedestrian and bike paths and the installation of intelligent traffic management systems.

    The US 183 project is 50% complete and on track to open to traffic in 2020. CRC appreciates the efforts of the team members in a successful step in the overall project completion.

    Learn more about the US 183 project on the project website.