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    Celebrating Ten Years of Zero Harm

    May 01, 2019

    The Zero Harm program was first launched in October 2008, which introduced us to the five points that have become ingrained in our safety philosophy:

    • Zero Deaths
    • Zero seriously disabling injuries to the workforce
    • Zero injuries to the public
    • Zero long term harm to health
    • Zero environmental incidents

    Zero Harm was born from a desire to lead the development of safety practices that would change our industry. During the past ten years, we have enhanced our ability to track lost time and high potential incidents, zeroing in on the cause and effect. We have partnered with OSHA to develop better training programs for both our staff and our workers, with a major focus on first decreasing the Fatal Four - falls, struck by object, electrocutions, caught-in/betweenand then decreasing more common injuries of sprains, strains and cuts. We’ve placed importance on enhanced communications by providing safety messages and instructions in both English and Spanish. Our Zero Harm Non-negotiables provide better alignment with our safety practices and industry trends. Through our national database, we share and learn from high potential incidents to embed these lessons nationwide. And most importantly, we have created a culture of continuous education and support for the health and mental well-being of each individual. 

    In 2017, we launched the See Something, Say Something initiative, letting everyone who comes into contact with a Balfour Beatty workplace know that it is both their right and responsibility to voice concerns if they observe an unsafe act or condition. One Second, One Choice was established as our 2018 theme to support the national construction industry Safety Week. The message reinforces the personal decision to make safe work choices for yourself and others. The campaign theme resonated so deeply with our teams across the country that we have reprised it this year – a powerful reminder that a single choice made in a split-second can prevent an injury, or even save a life. Our 2018 safety results reflected our focus on Zero Harm with LTIR .17 and RIR .92, both down from 2017 and among the lowest in the company’s history.

    Today, our Zero Harm program is stronger than ever. It has saved untold lives and has become synonymous with our people-first culture. The program is a rally point, unifying methodology and common language for every person on every project and in every office to connect, communicate and protect each other.

    Our work with Zero Harm will never be done. We will continue to study and challenge ourselves to improve, and we will continue to work as leaders to make our industry safer by making safety personal.

    View Balfour Beatty’s history of improving safety practices and visit our Innovation Hub to learn more about our safety advancements (see the safety section).

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