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    Balfour Beatty Ice Bucket Challenge

    August 28, 2014

    Amazing how a bucket of ice water and a good cause can rally employees behind a good cause. Employees throughout Balfour Beatty Construction are lining up to take-on the ice bucket challenge! While everyone has found a way to have fun with the challenges, the reasons behind the challenges hit very close to home for many of our employees. “I love the ice bucket challenge, said Mark Layman, chairman and CEO of Balfour Beatty Construction. We are a big family [at Balfour Beatty Construction] and every day members of our family are directly or indirectly being impacted by serious health issues, whether it be ALS, cancer, or other physical challenges. The ice bucket challenge is great to not only raise money that will help, but also to rally us as a family to get personally engaged…and to put a smile on each other’s faces while we do so!”