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    Balfour Beatty Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

    September 14, 2022

    Hispanic Heritage Month is a special time from September 15 to October 15 to shine a spotlight on generations of Hispanic Americans making important contributions to our society and world. Across the U.S., we are celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of Americans with ancestry in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. 

    Balfour Beatty’s employee affinity group, Somos, which represents employees with Hispanic and Latin@ origins, has selected ¡Unidos mi Gente! as its theme for this year's Hispanic Heritage Month. Meaning "United My People," this theme represents the group’s mission to move forward together as we create more diverse, equitable and inclusive communities for all. 

    Individuals with Hispanic and Latin@ origins make vital contributions to the construction industry and the essential buildings and infrastructure that enable our communities to thrive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, 30 percent of construction workers identified as Hispanic. During Hispanic Heritage Month and year-round, Balfour Beatty is committed to creating greater representation and advocacy for this valued community through educational, engagement and service opportunities.  

    To highlight the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month, several of our Somos members shared their personal reflections and experiences:  

    Luis De La Cruz, Project Manager
    I moved here from the Dominican Republic and brought an essence of that with me. No matter where we are from, we can always celebrate our hometown, our heritage and our people. The Hispanic culture brings so much charisma and warmth to any group we’re part of.

    Mario Pozzo, BIM Manager
    Hispanic Heritage Month to me is the celebration of multiculturalism and ALL the cultures that make up Hispanic heritage. It goes beyond being Hispanic or Latino and ties into what’s important to us when it comes to culture. It also commemorates the independence of many Latin countries.

    Christopher Diaz, Vice President, Loss Prevention
    When I stand on the 32nd floor on a high-rise looking out over Fort Lauderdale, I reflect on the full circle of my being here in the United States, which started with my grandfather coming to this country, getting his education and becoming a builder. It was almost set in stone that my destiny would be to become a builder too. I reflect on that a lot—where I’ve come from and what I’ve done to establish the opportunities for my children to be successful.

    Gil Fullen, Senior Vice President, Business Acquisition
    I was the first born in the United States for my family, first college grad and a lot of firsts. When I think of Hispanic Heritage Month, I think of it as an opportunity for us to unite and share our common stories—how we got here and persevered and how we were able to be successful in this industry. It’s also an opportunity for us to further influence the Balfour Beatty culture. The more we inform, educate and share, the more we can influence our culture to be more diverse and inspire being heard. 

    Sebastian Guerrero, Senior BIM Specialist
    I’m a first-generation immigrant who served in the Navy and then got into construction after college. When I got to Balfour Beatty, I felt like I finally made it. Hispanic Heritage Month gives me time to reflect on my journey—crossing the border, making it into the U.S., learning English, going into the military and all those ways of wanting to be an American. There are others who have gone through the same situation and in some way, we we’ve inspired each other that whenever we fall, we get back up.

    Marc Junker, Senior Safety, Health and Environmental Manager
    I don’t think I have a drop of Latina blood in me, but I was really privileged growing up to go on a mission trip and learn Spanish. Learning the language was an opportunity for me to build long-lasting relationships in the construction industry. It’s been a blessing in my life to learn this language and to be accepted by so many people who are so different than me and have a different background. I feel like I’ve been accepted into a family. Hispanic Heritage Month for me means acceptance no matter who you are.

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