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    All Hands on Deck at Military Cutoff Road Extension Project

    August 25, 2021

    If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to safely complete a bridge deck, Balfour Beatty's Civils Southeast teammates can tell you how.

    Recently, the Military Cutoff Road Extension project team safely and successfully poured 345 cubic yards of concrete to create a bridge deck, spanning northbound across Interstate 140 Bypass toward the future Hampstead Bypass.

    The bridge deck was installed with Stay-in-Place (SIP) bridge forms to provide support for the concrete and rebar mats. Once the rebar mats were installed, teammates used a Bidwell Screed to verify the concrete for its proper elevation and thickness. While some of the team inspects the screed grade, other teammates are cleaning the deck and making sure the work area is clear of potential safety hazards. This process of inspecting the concrete grade is called a “dry run”, which is required to check the deck thickness but also gives the team a chance to see how the Bidwell equipment is riding the screed rails, allowing them the opportunity to adjust for better quality and safety while completing the pour.

    Over a span of two weeks, teammates installed overhang bracket forms, bulkhead forms, SIP forms, reinforcing steel; and graded the Bidwell. The team completed two concrete pours, which took approximately eight hours each to place, finish, protect, cool and cure the concrete as it hardened. 

    Project Manager Timothy Friece credits the team of 13 crew members, a hand full of mechanical support and additional help from the finishing crew from Balfour Beatty's Havelock Bypass project nearby for making the process smooth and safe.

    Pre-planning is critical to the success of deck pours due to their inherent risks, which include slips, trips and falls, struck by and caught between incidents. Because each deck pour is unique, Balfour Beatty teams address all potential safety elements through the Job Hazzard Analysis (JHA) process prior to beginning work.

    Construction on the Military Cutoff project began in 2017 and is expected to be complete in 2023. Upcoming activities on the project include more construction of bridge and the widening of Market Street.