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    2014 Relentless Ally Award Winner is Selected

    May 08, 2014

    Beatty Construction Services US presented project manager Justin Maletic with the highest honor an employee of the company can receive: the Robert C. Van Cleave Relentless Ally Award, created to honor the legacy of our retired chairman and CEO.

    To be considered for the award, an employee is nominated for their work in serving a specific client, project, stakeholder, or fellow employees in a manner that embodies our Creed and our purpose of being a Relentless Ally around one or more of the pillars of our operating model. In Justin’s case, his nominators cited a number of measures Justin implemented to support ALL FOUR of our core pillars.

    Project executive Anton Greenville, division president Brian Cahill, and West region CEO Eric Stenman nominated Justin for the award. Summarizing Justin’s accomplishments, Anton offered, “Justin represents what it means to be a Relentless Ally to the client, the community around him, and to his own co-workers. His energy and contagious enthusiasm is unparalleled. He represents the best in our future, and, powered by his drive, he will help lead us to new heights in the industry.”

    Passionate about leading and managing change, Justin has contributed to the business in several ways: developing a digital safety dashboard, aggregating four aspects of accounting into a single efficient document, embracing his client’s vision and mission as his own and engaging all stakeholders in the project, and forming a biking team that brings his coworkers together as a team to have fun offsite.

    When making the presentation, Eric noted, “It is just such a pleasure to deliver this award—he is an inspiration to us all.”

    Balfour Beatty Construction’s chairman and CEO Mark Layman commented, “I had a chance to go out to Justin’s jobsite at Southwestern College, and I could tell within one hour that he was a Relentless Ally. His team told us about a project challenge that had come up, and that they never could have succeeded without Justin’s leadership and quick thinking, pulling the team together.”

    And what did Justin have to say upon receiving the award?  “I think this is freaking awesome!” he exclaimed. “Thank you for this moment. I am grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me here, and for the talented individuals in this company, MY relentless allies, who have helped me to be the best person I can be and to achieve my potential as a person and a professional.”