Highways & Bridges
We deliver complex, reliable projects that expands the nations infrastructure.

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As one of the leading contractors for civils construction, we’ve been fortunate to work on some of the most notable projects across the U.S. that support our nation’s growing economy. 

Through a variety of delivery methods, our team works with public transit authorities, departments of transportation and local water departments to deliver capital improvement projects funded by the communities in which we live and work. These projects are frequently heavily-scrutinized by the citizens who benefit from their execution – and are most affected by the daily construction progress. Balfour Beatty takes this commitment to the public seriously – by working with owners to provide transparent cost information, providing real-time construction progress updates and participating in outreach meetings to understand and address the concerns of community members. Whether a project is funded publicly or through private organizations, Balfour Beatty prioritizes safety when delivering and improving the nation’s rail, highway and water infrastructure.

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