Balfour Beatty Construction

Quick Facts

By recycling and diverting waste from landfills, Balfour Beatty Construction is conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts help us to use less energy, preserve natural resources, and emit less carbon dioxide, because less energy is required to manufacture products from recycled material than virgin, raw material.

We rely on sustainable practices to maintain our position as one of the largest providers of construction services in the United States. This Diversion and Recycling Tracking tool, developed in partnership with Waste Management, helps us measure our progress toward building a more sustainable landscape.

Our recycling and diversion efforts represent the following resource savings:

70,174,886 kilowatt-hours of electricity from recycling:
enough power to fulfill the electricity needs of the following number of homes per month



10,414 barrels of oil:
enough energy to heat and cool the following number of homes per month



30,576 mature trees:
enough saved timber resources to produce the following number of sheets of newspaper



18,565,344 gallons of water:
enough fresh water to meet the daily fresh water needs for the following number of people



44,982 cubic yards of
landfill space:
enough space to meet the municipal waste disposal needs of the following number of people per month




Updated August 2015