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At Balfour Beatty Construction, teamwork and partnership aren’t just words to us. They are the foundation on which we build relationships with each of our design team and subcontractor partners.

And we also firmly believe that the best approach to any project is one in which all team members can be involved in its creation.

Therefore, with each new project, one of our first goals is to organize a kick–off meeting with all of the project’s team members, during which we work together to establish a clear set of processes and procedures.

Not just a feel–good partnering session, the kick–off meeting also allows each team member to state their own expectations for the project, and sets the framework for a working partnership based on honesty and open communication.

The successful completion of any construction project requires close coordination of numerous activities performed by several parties–and honest and open communication is essential to such collaboration.


  • Design Teams

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  • Subcontractors

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  • Project Spotlight

    As a result of the team’s commitment to partnering and communication, Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino completed under–budget and three months early.

Our Promise to You

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